Private Label

We know that the first known soap in history was made about 6000 years ago, in ancient Babylon, when it was discovered that animal oils were mixed with wood ash and water to form a cleaning agent. We also know that the Vatican devotes the largest budget to the incensing of the palace, as the increasing odor (actually germs) in the Vatican causes a large number of people to become ill.

Cosmetics and cleaning needs not only increase but also change day by day. Bileşim Kimya is constantly researching and producing in parallel with these changes.

The personal care and household cleaning sectors have made significant progress as a result of a conscious consumer base, economic changes and rapid the sharing of scientific knowledge in the world. The cleaning need of the people, which started many years ago, continues to increase and change.

Our products include but are not limited with: hair shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, skin care cream, whitening cream, air fresheners, deodorant, roll on, foam soap, liquid soap, liquid cleansing cream, softener, surface cleaner, dishwashing detergent and vegan certified cosmetics.

In order to improve our sales performance research and development is our priority: We determine the needs of our customers and consumers and focus on innovative, high value-added, products that provide time & performance advantages.

If we define the company as a living organism, Quality Assurance and R & D is at the heart of a company. Developing innovative products, delivering them to consumers, marketing them, explaining the advantages of the product compared to another, and using sustainable resources are very important. For this reason, we attach great importance to the competencies of the team, measurement of these competencies, international system, regulation, continuous monitoring of chemical inventory information, and we provide continuous resources for them.

We keep our researches on raw materials, regulations, legal and country conditions at the highest level and we carry out studies for important critical control points such as product stability and microbiological quality.

In the name of a more livable world, using our natural resources such as water and energy without wasting, giving importance to sustainable natural resources, providing system improvements for human resource power, time value and management is the most important policy of Bileşim Kimya.

In our Tübitak projects, we are developing an ecosystem sensitive product range that can be obtained with very little water, very little chemical and very little energy. We are working to integrate this perspective into all our product groups and to adapt it to all Bileşim Kimya employees. We keep waste treatment, recycling, water footprint and works at the highest level.