Private Label

Private label products defined as market branded products, all rights of which belong to the brand owner and offered for sale in Tea and Coffee products by the company named Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea in the USA in 1863 for the first time in the world, occupy an important position in the total retail market in many countries of the world, especially in countries with high level of development such as America and Europe.

Private label products priced with cost-based pricing method offer the same basic benefit to retailers and consumers at a much more affordable price compared to manufacturer branded products and it provides social benefits to all stakeholders, as well as economic benefits, especially during times of economic recession, when purchasing power decreases.

Private label products, which are of equivalent quality with manufacturer products, are used safely by all economic and social segments today.

Bileşim Kimya, whose roots are much older, started its activities by supplying raw materials to many sectors, especially the chemical industry, is among the important private label product manufacturers in Turkey and abroad with European countries for 20 years in the Personal Care and Cleaning Products industry.

Bileşim Kimya, which has a say in private label products by growing day by day with the high quality of service that it has provided to its customers and the investments that it has made, has shown its strength in the sector by being among the most growing companies between 2017 and 2019 in a research published in the April 2020 edition of Capital magazine.