In Bileşim Kimya, which is the leading brand of the sector and operating in the field of cleaning and personal care products, manufacturing of all products is carried out by following international processes and complying with world-class hygiene and production conditions.

In Bileşim Kimya, which manufactures cleaning chemicals and personal care products in the field of FMCG (fast consumer products), processes that will increase process efficiency are followed against production interruptions.

We use high technology at every stage of production, monitor these stages with computer-aided automation systems and use precision equipment specific to each product. We apply international standards in all processes, from the clothing of the personnel involved in production, to occupational health conditions, from the supply of raw materials to the production and packaging of products in hygienic conditions.

In addition to the work done to keep the quality of our products at the highest level in production, we act with international standards, package our products untouched, store them in appropriate conditions and make them ready to offer to our consumers.